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ANNOUNCEMENTS BELL. In case, if there is any change in a schedule, new assignments/projects posting, you will see all of them posted in this section.



COURSE PAGE – ANNOUNCEMENT TAB. This is the page where you can see everything related to the course you take: new announcements posted by your instructor.

COURSE PAGE – ASSIGNMENTS TAB. This is the page where you can see everything related to course assignments and projects. On this page you can see your score and the feedback the instructor has given to you regarding the project you have submitted.

By clicking on each assignment you can see exactly what you have to do and by what time. The main fields you have to pay attention too are highlighted.

  1. Pay attention to the number of the assignment. This will help you work on the project that is requested by an instructor.
  2. Carefully read the instructions, so then you will understand what exactly is asked to do.
  3. Among all three tabs, the tab “add a file” is used more often. You can submit doc, jpeg, pdf, png files.
  4. The field for your comments regarding the assignment. Usually it’s welcomed to start your sentences with: Hello Mr/Mrs, please find in attached file my assignment. Yours sincerely, your name.
  5. Submit and Cancel button. 

COURSE PAGE – CLASSLIST TAB. This is the page where you can find the list with your classmates names and email addresses. Once you click on their names, you will be able to send an email in a pop-up window.

COURSE PAGE – CONTENT TAB. This is the page where you can see everything related to the course content: overall course description, weekly course presentations and useful information.

COURSE PAGE – DISCUSSIONS TAB. This is the page where you can see all the discussions that you are assigned to participate in. Usually, on discussion board you can find 2 types of instructions: 1 – main instructions, for example, how many words should be used, how many comments you have to leave under your peers projects in order to receive a full credit, etc. 2 – instructions for a specific topic you have to cover.


COURSE PAGE – GRADES TAB. This is the page where you can see your grades for everything you do during the course: assignments, discussions, quizzes, midterm/final exams, class activity, etc. Also, your instructor can leave you comments regarding your project, please do read them.

COURSE PAGE – QUIZZES TAB. This is the page where you can see all the quizzes that you are assigned to take. Usually, they are posted on your class day by your instructor. Quizzes are mostly taken during the class, so if you do not see them available - it means they are either expired or not posted yet.

MAIN INTERFACE. What is where? How to navigate?

MESSAGES CENTER. In case, if some of your classmates or instructor send you a message, you can check it in a message center.


NOTIFICATIONS CENTER. In case, if you are participating in discussions, and someone replied to your post, you will see the notification in this field. Simply click on it and it will take you to the page, where the discussion is happening.