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Ideas for Effective Library Assignments


Library assignments can be incorporated in a classroom setting in different ways. Below are a few examples of how you can adapt the library in most subjects.

  • Provide a topic(s) to students. Students will research topics and discuss their findings. The student can share the article to the instructor using the tools in databases or other formats.
  • Locate a popular magazine and scholarly article on the same subject. Compare the two articles for content, style, bias, audience etc. Students may refer to Evaluating Resources to learn more. 
  • Select a topic and compare how the topic is different from different sources.
  • Group works include students sharing research. Students are given topics and answer open-ended questions. The students prepare a presentation on what they discovered.
  • Have students  act as responsible patients by investigating both diagnosis and prescribed treatment. A student can write a 1-2 page paper or respond to a discussion question. To verify sources, students can e-mail the article to the instructor.
  • A student is given a topic of which they have to research. The student will evaluate the article and apply comparisons. One example, is locating an article or video through our databases. Students can discuss how technology or the field has advanced through a paper or discussion.