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Advocacy and Prevention of Sexual Violence: Reporting Options and Available Resources

This guide serves to provide information and resources for sexual discrimination or misconduct to help prevent sexual discrimination or misconduct.
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MCC strongly encourages those who have experienced sexual discrimination or misconduct, and anyone with a knowledge or sexual discrimination or misconduct, including third-party bystanders, to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator and/or other designated college employees

MCC has designated certain college personnel as mandatory Title IX Reporters by virtue of their role and responsibilities on campus. Mandatory Title IX Reporters are either people designated under MCC policies as those to whom sexual misconduct should be reported (Title IX Coordinator); or officials of the college with significant responsibility for student and campus activities and therefore, have authority to institute corrective measures on behalf of the institution.

Mandatory Title IX Reporters are college employees at a manager, associate director, director, or executive level including, but are not limited to the following roles/titles:

  • Title IX Coordinator
  • MCC Campus Emergency Coordinators;
  • Director of Academic Operations;
  • Academic Dean;
  •  Program Directors;
  • Academic Managers; 5
  • Director of External Development and Operations;
  • HR Director; • Staff supervisors of student employees;
  • Registrar and Associate Registrar;
  • Associate Director of International Department;
  • Designated School Official (DSO);
  • Financial Aid Director;
  • Associate Director of Clinical Externship;
  • Associate Director of Career Services.

Other college employees, including FT and adjunct faculty, who have or receive information of sexual misconduct in the college’s programs or activities and are encouraged to report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator and review MCC’s Title IX Sexual Misconduct Policy found at 

Title IX Coordinator

MCC has designated the Title IX Coordinator, to coordinate MCC’s compliance with Title IX and VAWA and to respond to reports of violations. Title IX Coordinator is trained in the college’s policies and procedures, state and federal law and other issues related to sex discrimination and sexual misconduct.

Specifically, Title IX Coordinator:

  • Oversees the investigation of all formal complaints of prohibited misconduct under this policy;
  • Advises complainants (individuals alleging misconduct), respondents (individuals accused of alleged misconduct) and/or third parties regarding the courses of action available at the college and in the community for resolving complaints of sex discrimination and sexual misconduct;
  • Provides assistance to all employees regarding how to appropriately respond to a report of prohibited sexual misconduct under this policy;
  • Conducts and/or reviews on-going climate checks, tracking, monitoring of sexual misconduct allegations on campus and reports findings to college officials and/or the campus community, where appropriate;
  • Assists in preparing federal and state required compliance reports;
  • Oversees training, education, and sexual misconduct prevention efforts;
  • Provides and participates in on-going training designed to assist in implementing this policy.

On-Campus Confidential Advisor

In accordance with The Illinois Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act, MCC has designated an on-campus Confidential Advisor to provide individuals wishing to obtain confidential assistance without making an official report to MCC an option to do so.

The College Confidential Advisor is available to discuss incidents of sex discrimination and sexual misconduct in confidence. Disclosures to confidential advisors will not trigger MCC’s investigation into an incident. In addition to providing confidential counseling, confidential advisors also provide emergency and ongoing support to individuals who have experienced sexual misconduct, including:

  • An explanation of the individual’s right to have privileged, confidential communications with the confidential advisor consistent with state and federal law;
  • Providing information regarding the individual’s reporting options and possible outcomes, including reporting to the College’s Title IX Coordinator/s pursuant to this policy and notifying local law enforcement;
  • Providing resources and services, including, but not limited to, services available on campus and through community-based resources, such as, sexual assault crisis centers, medical treatment facilities, counseling services, legal resources, medical forensic services, and mental health services;
  • Assistance in contacting campus officials, and/or local law enforcement upon request;
  • Assistance with securing interim protective measures and accommodations upon request

Electronic Reports, Including Anonymous Reporting Option

Electronic Reports, including anonymous reports, may be submitted by completing the form found at

This form can be used to report alleged violations of the college’s Sexual Misconduct policy. The reporters may submit the report anonymously. Anonymous reports will be investigated to the greatest extent possible based on the amount of information provided. The college’s ability to take action against an accused may be limited in the case of anonymous reports.