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CRAAP evaluation criteria


  • When was the page created and updated? 
  • Are there dead links on the site? 


  • Is the information relevant to your topic? 
  • Does the website or page answer all or just some of your questions? 
  • Are there gaps to fill? Is the scope of the site too broad or too narrow?


  • Who is the author or creator of the site? 
  • Is the author's background listed to verify expertise on content? 
  • Can you verify  author credentials elsewhere (example: Colleges, business, etc.)?
  •  Are there ads on the site and what is the purpose of the Ad?
  • Is the author an authority on the subject of the content?
  • What is the domain name (.gov, .org, .edu., .com, .net etc.)?.


  • Do other sources support the content of the website?
  • Does the website provide citations or  references to other sources like studies, links, etc.?
  • Are there spelling, punctuation or grammar errors?


  • Is the web site or page trying to sell or persuade? 
  • Is it false information, opinions, biased or fact?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Is the language professional terminology, easy to understand, slang, etc?