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Subject Libguide: Speech Communication: Effective communication

Choosing Your Words:
  • How you speak your words matter. It is important to choose your words when you convey your message. What can you consider when you select your words:
  • Your Audience: Your audience varies. It may be other professionals or a general audience. The audience can be any type you are reaching out to.
  • Use shorter sentences that are easy to understand that will all your audience understand your message.
If you are presenting
  • speak clearly that your audience understands you.
  • When you speak slow down. Talking fast may cause your audience to unable fully understand you.
  • Look at your audience and not the floor, speech etc.
  • Include pauses at the end of the sentences
  • Practice your speeches before you present.
What to consider in the volume of your voice:
  • Volume  -  to be heard.
  • Clarity  -  to be understood.
  • Variety  -  to add interest.
Body Language:
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Have your hands to the side
  • Use your space on the stage
  • Use Technology such as presentations
  • Use expressive facial expressions
  • Use your voice (do not use ums, do not speak fast etc.)