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Off Campus Work Authorization

An F-1 student who experiences severe, unforeseen economic necessity may apply for off-campus work authorization by submitting form I-765 to USCIS. Off-campus employment authorization is limited to 20 hours per week while school is in session, and can be full-time during official school breaks.

Preconditions for Authorization

  • Having been on F-1 status for at least 1 academic year (including your previous schools in the U.S you attended with the current SEVIS number)
  • Being in good academic standing at MCC

If you are not sure about your eligibility, please contact

How to apply?

First, you must request a new I-20 with DSO's recommendation for the work authorization on the second page. For the recommendation, please submit the documents below to

  • A personal statement demonstrating that the off campus employment is necessary to avoid severe economic hardship due to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control
    • If you are a citizen of Venezuela or Syria and applying for the SSR (Special Student Relief), please describe your economic hardship in a relation to:
      • Venezuela: the current humanitarian crisis in Venezuela
      • Syria: the ongoing civil unrest in Syria since March 2011
      • Ukraine: the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine
      • Sudan: the current crisis in Sudan.
  • Supporting documents, such as bank statement, news screenshot, currency exchange rate statistics, medical documents, etc.

Once you received a new I-20 with the recommendation, file the form I-765 to USCIS. Please click here for the USCIS instruction.

Fee Waiver

You may waive the filing fee if you file a fee waiver form. Please click here for more information regarding the fee waiver.